My wife came to me last night in a dream

She reached across a table or barrier

To comfort me

The touch of her hand on my face

A few soft words

Otherwise a blur, just out of the range of focus

I treasure the visitation

Deep soul memory

The first visitation was in a coffee shop

She brushed up against me at the milk bar

In that rust red coat

Perfect hair and sparkling green eyes

Pointed to a table

And said I’ll be right over there waiting for you

I am lost

Without the touch, the gaze

The daily comforts that I took for granted

Small things that are gone

Only to return in dreams

After the Pandemic: Building a Safety Culture

As America begins its comeback — a tentative and lurching return to some kind of normalcy — one of the biggest challenges will be the workplace. …

My thoughts

are dense

like fog, the

distillate of urban air

roiled by cool

Pacific currents


a little refined I guess,

trending from the general

to the particular

I wonder

where home is

The lost coast?

The rainy coast?

The woods of Ohio?

That place where

they always have…

This is one of an ongoing series of suggestions for alternative communications by President Trump: Here’s today’s idea. Please feel free to use @realDonaldTrump.

“We live in a time of almost unimaginable change, both in terms of substance and velocity. In this age of uncertainty, we must be disciplined and…

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“Well, OK, I can work with it.”

Last night, I settled into one of the Dead’s great performances, the Veneta show from 8/27/72, aka the “Field Trip” or what Nick Meriwether called “The Last Acid Test.” The sonic quality of the recording, as well as the event itself, put you right…

What a strange, intense year it was. There was a lot of transition and a little heartache in the Yarrow household this year, so we gravitated quickly to things that lifted us up. Fortunately, there was a lot to choose from, so this year’s installment is a little on the…

Rhino just released this year’s Grateful Dead box set, “July 1978” and we are enthusiastically digging in to this gem of a tour that started in Kansas City and ended at Red Rocks. One of the exciting aspects of this release is the source — five of the long-lost “Betty…

Well, just six months away from the 2016 presidential election, we are up to our necks in bullshit. I know these are serious and important times we live in, but our political discourse does not reflect that reality very well. In fact, there’s so much bullshit being thrown around it’s…

If America is an enterprise (“A project or undertaking, one that is difficult or requires effort”), its history falls into cycles that are typical of all large enterprises. At the beginning, Colonial America was essentially an extended period of market research. The Pilgrims were seeking a new place to exercise…

Russ Yarrow

I believe in the redemptive power of love, the fundamental common sense of "we the people" and the enduring brilliance of the Grateful Dead.

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